Hello, my name is Georg Stuby and I facilitate artistic souls in returning to their full mental health, creating from there and thereby being a bridge between the spiritual and the world of form.


I have been making music for over 25 years, but at first, I didn’t dare to build my life on it. That changed when I almost died in a car accident at the age of 22. After that, I asked myself what my sense of life is. My answer: To enrich my life and the lives of others with my talents.

To achieve this goal, I have gradually built up the necessary mindsets and skills. On the musical level, I laid the foundations with a degree in sound engineering, refined them in several years of coaching from Dr. Techno, Nicholas Bougaieff, and gold-plated them with producer-coach Mike Monday.

In my experience, music-skills are only one part of a successful creative life.  Quincy Jones said, “Your music can never be more than you are as a human being.” To develop this human being I first studied communication, philosophy and management economics. Afterward, I was trained by Germany’s NLP-Veteran Chris Mulzer to become a trainer in NLP and Hypnosis and rounded off these skills with the 3-Principles approach in professional mentoring with Dr. Bill Pettit. In April 2020 I am going to start a Master`s-Programm in “International Business & Economic Psychology” at Sigmund Freud University Berlin.

Today I work on my music every day as a producer and release several times a year on my own labels. I have played gigs all over the world from Burning Man to Glastonbury Festival.

As a mentor, I help creative humans to be happy and content first and based on that to create their dream-projects. I am part of ACS-Mindworks.

Today I can proudly say that I have built up a business in the creative sector that fulfills me and that I can live from comfortably.


the portal to creation


I created

  1. Strike It (Honey Dijon Re-Edit) - Mixed Mike Dunn 6:45
  2. Comme Si (Honey Dijon Remix) - Mixed Christine And The Queens 6:35
  3. Andalucia (Sarah Wild Remix) - Mixed Kid Simius 6:29
  4. Alarm - Mixed and Mastering Bitte Please 3:47
  5. CET - Mixed Neu Verboten 5:36
  6. We Trance Fair - Mixed Neu Verboten 4:12
  7. Early Bab - Mixed Neu Verboten 6:15
  8. Are You Ready - Mixed Mewa & Clara Zeta 5:31
  9. Only You - Produced & Mixed Stuby & Mandel Turner 6:34
  10. No Fool - Produced & Mixed Kinsuby 6:09
  11. Nobila - Produced & Mixed Stuby & Sarah Wild 6:53
  12. Purple Quatro - Produced & Mixed Kinsuby 4:30
  13. Volante - Produced & Mixed Stuby & Sarah Wild 7:15
  14. Closer - Produced & Mixed Stuby 6:18
  15. Planet Soul - Produced & Mixed Stuby & Sarah Wild 7:40