My name is Georg Stuby, and I am dedicated to supporting conscious and successful leadership personalities in the creative industries to feel worthy, lovable, and at peace.



I’m Georg Stuby, a psychologist and certified music therapist based in Amsterdam. I specialize in trauma-informed work using Psilocybin, Hypnosis, and Music Therapy. As a multi-instrumentalist, music producer, coach, author, and psychedelic guide, I bring a unique integration of creative and therapeutic skills to support leadership personalities in the creative industries.

My clientele includes leaders in a variety of creative and influential fields. I have provided coaching and guided psychedelic ceremonies for organizers of major festivals in the Netherlands, award-winning architects, internationally renowned jewelry designers, bestselling authors, professors at Cambridge and Stanford, Forbes 30 under 30 entrepreneurs, and managers of iconic club institutions. My work with these clients focuses on fostering a sense of worthiness, love, and inner peace. Additionally, I have contributed to the wellbeing programs of notable events and venues like Defected Festival, Light House Festival, KoKo London, Naturklang Switzerland, and many others. These contributions demonstrate my commitment to enhancing the wellbeing of individuals in diverse settings.

As a multi-instrumentalist and singer, my approach in psychedelic ceremonies combines music and hypnosis, offering a unique and immersive experience.

My musical journey has led me to perform at events worldwide, from the deserts of Burning Man to London’s Camden Theatre and the fields of Glastonbury. Over the past eight years, I have released multiple albums and EPs across various genres. My expertise extends to writing music for a runway show of Dior, mixing music for Grammy award-winning artists, and producing video content for Google. Additionally, I have collaborated with sound healing experts, including those at the Monroe Institute, showcasing my multifaceted talents and contributions to the music and entertainment industry.

I am also completing a master’s degree in psychology, specializing in psychedelic-assisted wellbeing. My overarching mission is to contribute to a rise in global consciousness, aiming for a world where discrimination and exploitation of humans and nature are obsolete.


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