Hello, my name is Georg Stuby and I love guiding creative souls to first recognize and accept their true inner Self, then becoming clear about their life purpose and vision and then utilizing their intuition to follow their own path with full faith.


Georg Stuby guides creative souls to recognize and accept their true inner Self, become clear about their life purpose and to create from intuition and spirit. Through this process, they bridge the formless and the material world.

His work is grounded within the three principles, clinical hypnosis, music therapy, NLP, yoga, project management, and transformative coaching.

Although he has been making music for over 25 years, at first he didn’t dare to follow his dream and build a life on it. That changed when he almost died in a car accident at age 22.

After that, Georg asked himself what he wanted to do in his life. His answer:

“Follow my own dreams and guide others to do the same.”

Besides working with his 1 on 1 clients and organizing retreats, he is active as a musician (piano & guitar), sound engineer, music producer and DJ. As a music producer, he worked for Dior, Google, Resident Advisor and many more. DJ Gigs and Hypnotic Dream Journeys brought him all around the world – from Burning Man to Glastonbury Festival. He published his first book and album in 2021 and also shares his insights on his YouTube Channel and Podcast.

Georg holds certificates in clinical hypnosis, NLP, coaching, and music therapy, and is currently pursuing a Master’s in Business Psychology.

Through all this, he is convinced that it is incredibly valuable for all of us to follow our intuition and set out on our journey. But he also knows from his own experience how much we sometimes get in our own way …

Follow the links below to find out more about his creative projects and transformative support.


the portal to creation


I created

  1. Strike It (Honey Dijon Re-Edit) - Mixed Mike Dunn 6:45
  2. Comme Si (Honey Dijon Remix) - Mixed Christine And The Queens 6:35
  3. Andalucia (Sarah Wild Remix) - Mixed Kid Simius 6:29
  4. Alarm - Mixed and Mastering Bitte Please 3:47
  5. CET - Mixed Neu Verboten 5:36
  6. We Trance Fair - Mixed Neu Verboten 4:12
  7. Early Bab - Mixed Neu Verboten 6:15
  8. Are You Ready - Mixed Mewa & Clara Zeta 5:31
  9. Only You - Produced & Mixed Stuby & Mandel Turner 6:34
  10. No Fool - Produced & Mixed Kinsuby 6:09
  11. Nobila - Produced & Mixed Stuby & Sarah Wild 6:53
  12. Purple Quatro - Produced & Mixed Kinsuby 4:30
  13. Volante - Produced & Mixed Stuby & Sarah Wild 7:15
  14. Closer - Produced & Mixed Stuby 6:18
  15. Planet Soul - Produced & Mixed Stuby & Sarah Wild 7:40