Imagine you're dancing in your favorite club. People are raving and having a good time. The crowd goes crazy when the DJ plays the next track. And this track is one of yours!

For the first time you hear your own track on the big club sound system. And it sounds clean, warm and powerful. What an indescribable feeling...If you want your track to sounds like that, I can take care of the mixing & mastering. Click here to find out how we can work together.

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You finally want to bring your music to a professional level? Be fully satisfied with arrangement, sound design and mixdown? Know exactly what you're doing in the studio? Want to be able to let go and enjoy the process of making music in the flow?

Then you can use my personal experience directly to quickly and safely bring your music to the level you've always wanted to hear it at. Check out my Website for Creativity-Coaching to find out more about it.


  1. Comme Si (Honey Dijon Remix) - Mixed Christine And The Queens 6:35
  2. CET - Mixed Neu Verboten 5:36
  3. We Trance Fair - Mixed Neu Verboten 4:12
  4. Early Bab - Mixed Neu Verboten 6:15
  5. Are You Ready - Mixed Mewa & Clara Zeta 5:31
  6. No Fool - Produced & Mixed Kinsuby 6:09
  7. Nobila - Produced & Mixed Stuby & Sarah Wild 6:53
  8. Purple Quatro - Produced & Mixed Kinsuby 4:30
  9. Volante - Produced & Mixed Stuby & Sarah Wild 7:15
  10. Closer - Produced & Mixed Stuby 6:18
  11. Planet Soul - Produced & Mixed Stuby & Sarah Wild 7:40


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