Georg Stuby is a Berlin-based electronic artist with a dubby and housy twist. Besides his various activities as a producer of electronic music and an internationally booked DJ (among others „Club der Visionäre“ in Berlin, Burning Man in the USA, Rodnya in Moskow, Breakfast Club in Melbourne, Social Room in Hongkong), he also a coaches other electronic music producers.

In his youth he learned several classical instruments and the art of DJing.

At the age of 22, after a near-death experience in a severe car accident, he was faced with the essential question: what is life, what is death and what is worth living for. His answer: His passion for music.

The near-death experience triggered the urge to give something back to life, to friends, to colleagues and to the world of music. This took on the form of coaching – teaching other electronic music producers to achieve their highest potential.

In the next years he studied Audio-Engineering, met the wisest audio-gurus in Berlin and spent countless hours in his studio and in record shops.

Georg has recently started releasing his own music and tracks by producer friends such as Lowris, Funk E, Mo Stern and Christopher Lawrenz on his Vinyl-Label „Funky Fungi“. Since many years

he also has been a resident-artist on the Zurich-based label „Naturklang”.

Since 2018 he has been performing live with other artists in the field of electro-acoustic and solo as a dancefloor-orientated live-act.

For him it is essential to get deeper and deeper into the world of frequencies, harmonies, rhythms, mindsets and counsciousness-expanding states. Equally he wants to provide his listeners with the same experience.

For Georg music is about the living moment and the hidden possibilities in each of us.

DJ & Liveact

  • References

    • Club der Visionäre, Berlin
    • Hoppetosse, Berlin
    • Burning Man Festival, USA
    • Nordstern, Basel
    • Kinky Summer Festival, Capetown
    • Hive, Zurich
    • Rodnya, Moscow
    • Social Room, Hongkong

    Georg Stuby @ CDV

    • Kantine, Vienna
    • Pratersauna, Vienna
    • Keep On Going, London
    • Cabaret, Zurich
    • Kater Holzig, Berlin
    • Tanzhaus West, Frankfurt
    • U60311, Frankfurt
    • Sisyphos, Berlin
    • Wilde Renate, Berlin

Releases / Studio Work

Funky Fungi 003

Funky Fungi 002

Funky Fungi 001

Redust EP (Form Resonance)