You put your heart and soul into your music. You've refined the sound design, programmed rolling beats and written an arrangement that takes you on a journey. Now it's time to make your track sound really fat. Now it's about the mixdown.

You want your tracks to be heard, celebrated and played by your fans and possibly even by your idols. You want the crowd to go wild.

The mixdown can now turn your track into such a bomb - or not. Once your tracks are released, there's no going back. These tracks will be out there forever. So you want to be sure that they sound timeless and outstanding.

That's exactly why I want to help you make your music sound like that. Do you want to create something together with me that you will be really proud of?


You have written tracks that you want to release and you have a vision for the final sound. Now comes the moment when you can put your music into someone else's hands.

Maybe you're still wondering why you should work with a mixdown engineer at all - and not just mix the record yourself.

There are many reasons for that. For example:

Your time. At the moment you're probably either a full-time musician or working in another job on the side. With both you need your free time to write your own music. And you need a lot of your own music. To stick out many producers want to have at least 4 releases a year. If you give the mixdown to a mixdown engineer you will have time to create more music.

You can save a lot of money. If you really want to mix professionally you need perfect studio acoustics. This includes expensive speakers and even more expensive room corrections. And the right converters, plug-ins, mixers and of course the know-how. You'll be in 5 figures in no time. You don't need all that when you hand over the mixdown to a professional. As you can see, if you hand in the mixing you save time and money.

For these reasons many world-famous DJs and musicians get their music mixed professionally.

I can be this professional mixdown engineer for you. I can work closely with you to transform your vision into a finished, clean and warm sounding production. A production that you and your fans can celebrate forever.

To help you with your decision, I'll give you some information about myslef and and my work. Here you can see and hear how satisfied my clients are with me:

"If you ever get the chance to work with him I highly recommend it because you will be completely satisfied"

"His technical skills are pretty broad...He is very talented and skilled. I defenitely recommend Georg"

"It sounds absolutely incredible and I would highly recommend for anybody doing any type of music to seek out his services"


About the process

Just fill out the form below and I will get in touch with you.

We can talk about all details and I will support you in getting everything crystal clear. We also will talk about logistics like payment and time schedule.

After I have sent you the first version of the mix, we can go through 3 Revisions (If necessary). This will give you a mix that you will be one hundred percent happy with. 

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