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I can mix your music so it has the highest impact in the club.

What separates me from other competitors is that I not only listen to your music very carefully, but also to you. With question structures developed from my background as an NLP trainer and coach, we define together the essence of you and your music.

Based on these discoveries I mix your music using high-precision coaxial horn speakers, Audeze headphones, and a sophisticated combination of vintage mixing consoles and outstanding plug-ins, so that your message is conveyed in the best possible way. 

When you work with me your music will have such impact that you will be fully satisfied and confident to release it with pride.

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I can not only support you in musical, technical and organisational skills, but also accompany you much more deeply.

With my coaching you will find ways to develop your natural access to flow-states and use them for you. You have probably experienced that you were not able to solve a problem at first and then, with some distance, in an everyday situation spontaniously the solutions came to your mind. For example, in the shower, while eating or doing sports. Exactly these are flow-states. Maybe you can already imagine how useful it would be to be in such flow states more often and longer...

And that is exactly where my coaching concept comes in. Not only will you increase your creative output massively, but also become satisfied and fulfilled from within.

So discover the true potential of your art and let me support you in taking you and your music to the next level. Check out my Website for Creativity-Coaching to find out more about it.

My Work

  1. Strike It (Honey Dijon Re-Edit) - Mixed Mike Dunn 6:45
  2. Comme Si (Honey Dijon Remix) - Mixed Christine And The Queens 6:35
  3. Andalucia (Sarah Wild Remix) - Mixed Kid Simius 6:29
  4. Alarm - Mixed and Mastering Bitte Please 3:47
  5. CET - Mixed Neu Verboten 5:36
  6. We Trance Fair - Mixed Neu Verboten 4:12
  7. Early Bab - Mixed Neu Verboten 6:15
  8. Are You Ready - Mixed Mewa & Clara Zeta 5:31
  9. Only You - Produced & Mixed Stuby & Mandel Turner 6:34
  10. No Fool - Produced & Mixed Kinsuby 6:09
  11. Nobila - Produced & Mixed Stuby & Sarah Wild 6:53
  12. Purple Quatro - Produced & Mixed Kinsuby 4:30
  13. Volante - Produced & Mixed Stuby & Sarah Wild 7:15
  14. Closer - Produced & Mixed Stuby 6:18
  15. Planet Soul - Produced & Mixed Stuby & Sarah Wild 7:40

Testimonial by Honey Dijon

"If you ever get the chance to work with him I highly recommend it. You will be completely satisfied."

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About Me

Hey, I am Georg Stuby.  I believe that anyone who really wants it can create music with which he is happy and satisfied.

I have been making music for over 25 years, but at first I didn't dare to build my life on it. That changed when I almost died in a car accident at the age of 22. After that I asked myself what my sense of life is. My answer: To enrich my life and the lives of others with music.

Today I work on my music every day as a producer and release several times a year on my own labels. I have played gigs all over the world from Burning Man to Glastonbury Festival.

As a coach, I help artists to be happy and satisfied and help them build the music of their dreams. I also teach workshops at respected music schools in Germany and Switzerland. And many producers entrust me with their mixdowns, for example A-Listers such as Honey Dijon.




More Testimonials

Ameme (New York)

"His technical skills are pretty broad...He is very talented and skilled. I definitely recommend Georg."

Dickey (Berlin)

"It sounds absolutely incredible and I would highly recommend for anybody doing any type of music to seek out his services!"

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Let me show you the process in order to give you maximal transparancy:

  1. Fill out the Quote Request Form.
  2. I contact you. We can first get to know each other in a free conversation and get more clarity how I can support you best.
  3. I will make you an offer and guide you in finding a "Yes" or a "No".
  4. Given it is a "Yes" you pay in advance
  5. I send you a video explaining exactly how to send me your project.
  6. We find a date for a 30 minute coaching session. I ask you many questions. That way we find out how your track has to sound like to make you fully satisfied.
  7. I mix your track.
  8. I send you the mix. If you want to change anything that is completly fine. 3 revisions are included.
  9. You love the result and get the mix in all resolutions you need.

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