Hey, I am Georg Stuby 

Besides my various activities as producer of electronic music and internationally booked DJ (e.g. House of Yes New York, Club der Visionäre Berlin, Burning Man USA, Rodnya Moscow, Breakfast Club Melbourne, House of Yes New York, Hive Zürich) I am mentor for electronic music production. I help music producers in 1to1 and group coachings to finally turn their sound visions into reality.

In my own productions I focus on handmade electronic music and prefer analog equipment and computer-free live performances. Here I benefit from my sound engineering studies and the mastery of several classical music instruments.

I have been releasing onmy vinyl label „Funky Fungi“ since 2017 music of friendproducers and myself.

As a basis for my coachings I use my education as a trainer for Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP).

I share my experiences on this blog and in my Facebook group..

What it is about ? 

Would you like to finally let the music in your head become reality? Are you already on your way but don’t know how to get ahead?

KDon’t worry – we were all at this point once. This page exists to take you and your music further.

Here you will get valuable practical tips to produce your electronic music. I’ll show you which techniques, tools and approaches work. If you want to get ahead with your music production and finally create your own sound visions, this page is for you.

I love to help people like you with their music. If you want to take your music to the next level together with me, you can find more information here. more information here.